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Abdul from Saudi Arabia (a dedicated party lover I can tell) said: "Great band the best girls. I spent the best holiday in years in KL because of the beach club.Highly recommended." Fellow Middle Eastern party lover Sulail from Lebanon had this to report: "all I can say is that I had the time of my life in there...I had met a Spanish guy up at the Jurong Bird Park, and he had been amused by the way the parrots there could count on demand, and dance through little hoops and so on.

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) I am going to start with the bars first, then move on to the clubs, and then move on to the restaurants and little SINCE "B" FOR "BAR" COMES BEFORE "C" FOR "CLUB", I DECIDED TO START THIS DIRECTORY WITH THE BAR LIST, RATHER THAN THE CLUB LIST.

Anyway, it is always good to go to a bar first, in the course of the night, before hitting the real action in the club. Some of the best (and not so best) clubs in Kuala Lumpur at the moment, in alphabetical rather than meritorical order, are: Beach Club Cafe: 97 Jalan P Ramlee. This place has garnered and gathered a lot of great reviews from ppl who have been there. Many girls from everywhere, Malay, Chinese, Thai, Viet, etc.

Kuala Lumpur is a serious rival for Bangkok or Singapore as a place to go out.

So, how do you have fun in an Islamic state, and where are the best places to go?

Now they seem to ignore the customer with slow service and serious faces. They dance well on bartops but still respect the customer needs." It should be noted that this is the kind of place where customers can "buy" a girl to take home, if that is your thing (and it's not mine.) Whoever said that Kuala Lumpur was staid and no Sin City compared to Bangkok. User from Texas remarked: "Stay away from any local girl with a boyfriend there -if you value your life.

The working girls are very friendly (the majority are Filipino -ages 20 to 24), the band is usually good, it's an outdoor type environment and it is certainly a good time.The idea of buying pot in a country like Malaysia with a death penalty for mandatory drug offences, struck me as a little absurd.The waiter with his feigned innonence and his cool, persistence reminded me of the dealers I later met in Mumbai, who offered me one of the least reassuring sales lines I have ever heard in drug trafficking: "It's illegal, but we make it legal!You only have to spend five minutes anywhere in KL on a Friday or Saturday night to realize that this is a party city?And it is a city where exotic dance styles -- Latin, Bhangra, etc -- are increasinly taking control.Inside the cool interior, a jukebox was playing the full gamut of Late Capitalist Pop -- Kylie Minogue included.

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