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  2. “I know what’s going on out there with what everybody is saying, and …

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  4. And since I look really “femme,” often they either don’t believe me or get this whole shocked vibe like, Walking home last weekend, after all my friends paired off with men they met, I just felt so out of place.

  5. 4.3 In the event of changes to the information that has been provided, the User must notify such changes to Shoshoro N. The User must exercise the greatest of care in respect of the Password so that it is not lost or disclosed. In this case the User is liable for damage suffered by Shoshoro N. The costs of unauthorised use of the Account shall also be charged to the original User. 7.2 The User is not permitted to pass on personal information, such as name and contact details, to the Performers or to other Users present on the Website.

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