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  2. Some generated content parodies existing styles and artists, whilst others are based on original structures.

  3. I'm now not sure what your purpose was, just pure kindness? We already talk of the future and I truly believe I will be happy. Pisces woman I had just got out of a relationship with this guy about 3 months ago (Libra man) ,and I ended up meeting this other guy through one of my best friends (Cancer man) , and we got to talking for a little bit... and only called me 3 times out of those weeks and that was back in September, and like two weeks ago something happened he was going to come and see me because I was over my friends house (and we live like 20 mins away but neither one of us have a car so we ride the bus and that's a 45 min ride), and me and her got it to a big fight and I ended up calling him to come and get me, so he did and we ended up having sex, but when I talked to him on the phone for one those times he said he does not like to *hit it and quit it* and that he wants to be my boyfriend and that he wants us to move in together and stuff like that, but recently he has not been calling me or when I call him he does not pick up the phone, but when I call or text him from a different number( I don't have a cell phone I have a house phone) he will answer I'm so confused I don't now what to. He is so cute and loving person I think the couple of Pisces n Cancer is 70% positive.... my piece of advice to fellow Cancer men is to keep away from the Piscean woman because nothing is what it seems.

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