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Perry's bedroom was an all-white enclave complete with a circular bed, a white curtain, and several low glass tables.

At point in the weekend, Perry, in rainbow-stripes pajamas, had a dance party with the now-infamous "left shark" from her 2015 Super Bowl performance in her stark bedroom.

The singer's sitting room was similarly minimalist, featuring white walls, a white couch, and a huge television screen that at times streamed clips from the singer's music videos.

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"We have had on-going history with this property for code violations and the property owner filed bankruptcy rather than comply," said Grandinetti in a statement.

With all of the problems in the building, the city doesn't have the funds or utilities to fix it and have deemed it unfit to live in.

"To give us 12 days to get out, knowing we work, we have children, we've got school coming up, so it's horrible," said Vargas.

News eight spoke with East Moline inspections coordinator Kimberly Grandinetti, she said the building is now bank owned and has an outstanding water bill of almost $20,000.

by watching her live her life for three days on her You Tube channel.

Filming in a Los Angeles apartment outfitted with 41 cameras, Perry completed a variety of activities with other famous faces as the cameras rolled, including cooking with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, yoga with host James Corden also dropped by Perry's temporary home.

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"We've already lost our furniture because it was infested with mites and roaches," said Vargas.

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