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Feature Overview Before using Camfrog Server you need to set up a nickname and a password to logon to the Camfrog central server.After you have installed and launched Camfrog Server click on the "Register for Nickname/Password" hyperlink in the main application window.

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To see your general settings, go under the "Actions" menu in the main "Camfrog Server" application window.

Choosing "settings" will open your general settings.

If you have "show popup notifications" selected a popup will appear when someone joins your video chat room in the bottom right notification area. You can setup a "message of the day" which Camfrog users will see when they join your server.

You might want to put some rules, or explain what your Camfrog server is about.

An example agreement might say "Click "yes" if you agree to the rules above." If a user is being annoying you can add him to the ban list. You can easily add and remove users by clicking the "add" and "remove" buttons.

To remove annoying users from your video chat room right click on their name to kick them.

Camfrog Server allows you to see who is connected to your server and watch their video stream.


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