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If you feel a game isn't in the right list, or if you have a formatting suggestion, I'll take it to heart and make changes as soon as possible. I think I've always been able to appreciate a game based on quality rather than judging on first impressions or personal biases (which I most certainly have.

Next version will be sorted in order, either of how good the game is or alphabetical. Hotel Dusk should be added to the Must-Have list. Enthralling game with great characters.Edit: No idea if I'm blind or if you added it to the list after this post. I dont do well with most first person games, but I recognize that a lot of people like Elder Scrolls for a reason. the game doesn't even have an official release date, so I don't think anyone can say decisively that it's a quality game.

I like Jeanne d'Arc so much because I really cared about the characters, Advanced wars was more like an RTS to me where they were just expendable units.

I would argue that FF XII: Revenant Wings doesn't deserve to be on any list with the word "quality" in the title. I think it is a fantastic puzzle game that is fun and has style.

Have 30, 20, or even 10 bucks just burning a hole in your pocket? Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney* / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney: Justice for All* / Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations* 6. Pokémon Heart Gold / Soul Silver / Diamond / Pearl / Platinum* 8.

Looking for a fantastic portable game to kill some time? I will update this list regularly, especially after big releases Currently Available Must-Haves= Games that would feel at home in any collection regardless of genre preferences (* = personal recommendation) Second-Tier Awesomeness= Games that may require love of their genre, but are still worthy of any collection (* = personal recommendation) Niche Titles= Games that have gotten little recognition but still enjoy a high level of quality (* = personal recommendation) Upcoming Titles= The wishlist of any handheld gamer (* = looks especially good) Wishful Thinking= Games that may never reach American/European/Austrailian shores (* = looks especially good) 1. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow* / Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin / Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia*3. Professor Layton and the Curious Village / Professor Layton and the Diabolical box 9.

Unless I'm missing something and making myself look like an ass, lol.

Well we can't say for sure on any of the "upcoming titles", but Kingdom Hearts is most certainly high-profile, as are the rest of the games on that particular list.

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I would class Advance Wars as niche because it is kind of like chess, as most turn-based strategy games are.

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