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Lil Mama is doing what she does best -- creating easily digestible rhymes over solid beats -- and like other rappers -- both male and female -- she is using her platform to address issues near and dear to her heart.Even if it means promoting condom-wrapped sausages and denouncing chapped lips.With the release of her safe-sex ode “Sausage,” her first attention-grabbing single in about five years, she's matured and giving millennials some sage advice."Sausage" picks up were “Lip Gloss” left off as far as simplicity goes and lyrics that you can't get out of your head, all over a solid boom bap rhythm. Lil Mama is promoting a more mature message of safe sex.

Nevertheless, it’s almost as if Lil Mama still has a stigma surrounding her, a scarlet letter branded on her chest dating all the way back to the 2009 embarrassing stunt she pulled at the MTV Video Music Awards.

If you recall, Lil Mama's infamous moment then was when she pulled a Kanye West and walked onstage without permission to serve an impromptu pose with Jay Z and Alicia Keys during their award-closing performance of “Empire State of Mind.”Despite being “out of line,” according to Hov, the Brooklyn native continued to live out her dreams, transitioning from music to acting.

It becomes clear through the positive message on “Sausage” that the "VYP" has been resurrected.

Lil Mama does a noteworthy job of bridging the old school with the new. M.” and Kelis’ “Milkshake,” with contemporary tracks like Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” and Cheddar Da Connect’s “Flicka da Wrist” showcases her creativity.

Others called her out for going overboard, saying she used “any and everything that’s been trending on black Twitter.”The divide makes you wonder if another female rapper was to have delivered the same effort would fans be this harsh.

No, she’s not selling sex and wearing cleavage-baring clothing, but neither are female artists like Tink, Angel Haze, Rhapsody or Sia.

She devoted herself to being a judge for seven seasons on the reality competition series.

Now she finds herself once again trying to get back to the music and what brought her to the limelight in the first place: her knack for delivering catchy rhymes.

Because you are all on at me constantly to write a book, I did.

But if it helps you, or your comments help me, it will be worth it. Jesus Christ eating a donut, where the fuck do I start with this one? There were 17 men to get through, each of them deserve their spot in the sun.

After all, she has the guidance of a living hip-hop legend: MC Lyte.


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