License plate dating

That inspired him to pursue a career in the fashion business, and he put together a modeling video.

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Du said a hurdle to the production of Di Di Plate or something like it is GM’s desire to insert apps into a vehicle’s infotainment system.

But as dash cams become more ubiquitous, GM’s prototype app is probably a glimpse into the future more than anything else.

A neighbor who lived nearby on Gorham Avenue in Brentwood said Goldman was struggling to make the rent until he got a new job this year as a waiter at Mezzaluna, an upscale restaurant.

He had been working as a waiter at the Cheesecake Factory when he was sought out to pose for an advertisement, according to Kim Goldman, his sister, a 22-year-old student at San Francisco State University.

Life for Ronald Lyle Goldman was a nonstop merry-go-round of working out at a trendy gym, serving dinner at a trendy restaurant and dancing at trendy nightclubs, those who knew him said Tuesday.

He had model good looks, a body sculpted by daily weightlifting sessions and tennis, and a magnetic personality that friends said made them want to hang around him, just to see what he would be up to next.

For instance, the demo showed a driver whose car was blocked in a parking lot scanning the license plate of the inconveniently placed car and asking the owner to move their automobile.

Du added that his team has found a way to make the prototype app work with Google Glass, which would make its uses more dynamic or unsettling, depending on how you view it.

He had lots of dreams, according to friends, but few of them panned out.

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