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Use your free hand to massage her breasts, or just have a hot makeout sesh.Difficulty: How to: Have your partner get on all fours. ) with your thumb and also finger her vagina with your index finger.We have recently added many new features, such as private chat, webcam search, sex filter, hd quality video, and more!

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Massage her breast with the other hand, and, if she's really getting into it, have her play with her other nipple. Stay here if you're feeling selfish, but if you're a giver, bend forward and lick, kiss, and suck gently on her clitoris, while she does the same to you.

The trifecta will drive her crazy in a very good way. How to: Lie in spooning position behind your partner and reach your top arm over to finger her clitoris.

How to: Have your partner get on all fours with her pelvis tilted up.

Kneel over her calves, rubbing your clitoris against her leg.

If she prefers manual stimulation you can take that route, or gear up with a strap-on and penetrate her doggy style.

How to: This position is steamy and intense — maybe even too intense for some.

Dermaroller™ zorgt voor een vooruitstrevende techniek: micro-needling van de huid.

Dit is een procedure die de huid stimuleert zichzelf te herstellen door aanmaak van nieuw collageen en elastine en zo een jongere, meer heldere en gezondere uitstraling geeft. Dermaroller™ heeft een ISO 13485 voor medisch materiaal en is uiteraard CE goedgekeurd.

If you want to get in on the fun, have your partner reach back and finger you too. How to: Have your partner create a bridge, with her upper back on the bed and her feet on the floor.

Straddle one of her legs (put your outside knee on the bed and hold her hands for leverage) and grind your pubic bone against hers.

“Pinch” your two fingers together from opposite directions inside of her to create an incredible feeling for her.

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