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Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.For some sexual crimes, when the victim is under 16 years old, the law doesn't allow the accused to claim that the young person agreed to the sexual activity.

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The age of consent is also the point at which a child can consent to engage in sexual intercourse without the act being considered statutory rape.

The age of consent with regard to sexual relations in California is 18 (California Penal Code 261.5).

This is because the minimum legal age for consenting to a sexual activity is 16.

In this article, Éducaloi explains the rules on the age of consent to sexual activities. In Canada, the minimum age for consenting to a sexual activity is 16.

Even if you do get on well with their family and friends, they may find it hard to get on with yours.

Maybe you're the type of person who can get on with anyone of any age, but many people are not like that. Sadly, people can be very judgemental about age differences and may tell you that you shouldn't be together.It may be hard for you to gel with your partner's friends or family.Whether your partner is younger or older than you, you may simply have very little in common with their intimates.To find out the specific rules for your situation, consult a lawyer or notary.Society has changed a lot over the past few decades and relationships with age gaps between the two partners are becoming more and more common.Even strangers may feel that they have the right to comment.

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