Makedonski free sexchat - Lee pace and anna friel dating

And with her long-term boyfriend David Thewlis thousands of miles away filming in Europe, her cosy arrangement with Cross is only going to fuel the rumour mill even further.

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Recently, he was spotted with Laura Donnelly, which created rumors about she being his girlfriend.

He was rumored to dating his co-star, Anna Friel when they had a controversial kiss on the comic con of Pushing Daisies.

Even he was linked up with James Calleri, the very first guy to be associated with him and later news spread that Lee left James for Jason Moore. As impressive as his amazing career, his net worth is also quite remarkable which is estimated to be $5 million from some online sources, but there isn't any official confirmation.

Swirling in the big black cauldron of celebrity gossip is the quite interesting question of whether Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are an item.

Whether they have worn the exact same coat or bought it at a two for one special, it’s hailed as a sure sign both men are more than just BFFs 4eva.

To add fuel to the flames, Sir Ian Mc Kellen has outed Lee Pace in an interview about his fellow co-stars in The Hobbit franchise.

She has insisted that they are nothing more than good friends.

Still, Anna Friel hasn't done herself any favours by moving her Breakfast At Tiffany's co-star Joseph Cross into her Los Angeles home.

It looks like a bird got caught in her hair and was trapped and died in a flurry of feathers and she never noticed and they're still stuck there and all her friends are going hee hee anna has those feathers in her hair and she doesn't know yet and then she gets home and looks in the mirror and goes omg you guys why didn't you tell me about these feathers I am so embarrassed I went out like this it's a good think my shorts are so nice.

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