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That first payment of £400 a year, he insisted, was ‘just an allowance to enable us to open the door to great and honourable public service’.Instead, they see a chamber packed with braying party hacks, most of them drawn from a gilded, metropolitan and socially remote political elite.But it appears they are too busy with their own financial arrangements to worry about the rest of us.

Never in living memory has our political elite seemed so disconnected from the pressures faced by ordinary people.

Never has the gap between the rulers and the ruled yawned quite so wide.

Instead, they are moving further and further away, opening up a vacuum for demagogues and extremists.

They vacationed before to the Turks and Caicos so when they returned for a second time they wanted to stay in a villa on the beach but have the convenience of being close to a resort. It is right on the beach and next to the lovely Windsong resort on Grace Bay Beach.

The resort was a perfect starting point for the photos where we took photos on the lovely pathways and by the warm yellow walls archways.

The lovely tropical foliage provided a nice vignette for the photos and Toni and her daughter put a beautiful white frangipani flower in their hair for some of the garden photos.

The United States elects only 435 congressmen to represent 315 million people.

And India’s 1.2 billion people apparently need only 545 representatives — more than 100 fewer than we do.

Of course, there are plenty of dedicated MPs, but Parliament is hardly the boot camp its defenders suggest. MPs had two weeks off at Easter, another break in early May, and will enjoy six weeks’ holiday over the summer.


  1. For the sovereign state of the same name, see Republic of Ireland.

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  4. Romijn comes from Dutch heritage family whose father is a Dutch-born custom furniture maker, while her mother is an American-born English teacher, of Dutch descent.

  5. “The Famous Birthdays” catalogs over 25,000 famous people, everyone from actors to singers to scientists to serial killers and more.

  6. Allen has moved out of the exotic dancing game and now splits her time between New York and Los Angeles while supporting herself with modeling, burlesque work and Go-go dancing.

  7. For over 100 years Schweinfurt has been famous around the world as an industrial town and the centre of the European roller bearing industry.

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