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And yet for all their love of fashion not all Korean women have the same preferences in male appearance - some Korean women might be into the Korean boy band look and some will be into the more Westernized style.

Do some homework If you want your date with a Korean girl to get off on the right note, spend some time beforehand getting to know the country and the culture.

Find out where Korea is located and famous for so that during a conversation you don’t confuse it with other Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan or come up with inane comments like, “Oh but all you people look the same”.

Most Korean women are followers of popular dramas as a result of which they often adopt notions of love and romance from them.

Some dream of even starring in their own personal drama and for the purpose they may create actual situations to have that starring role.

For one, the language barrier can be a very real problem and despite initial chemistry, it could be frustrating not being able to get your wishes and ideas across to your date or understand hers.

Then for all its westernization, Korean society is deeply traditional when it comes to relationships and partners.

So if you are keen to impress your Korean girlfriend, make you dress well for a date.

And if you can discuss fashion and trends, she will love you the more for it since Korean guys are not really into this sort of thing.

So if you are thinking of dating Korean girls, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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