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(In fact, Midge, being an older doll, is portrayed as not being fully articulate).

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What's helping of Affectionate Self-Parody, Lampshade Hanging, Medium Awareness, and Parental Bonus on display, adding up to a lovingly parodic version of the Barbie universe not completely out of line with her .

The entire universe is Toy Time incarnate, with all of the characters having visible plastic joints.

Plus, in 2013, a series of TV specials began airing on Nickelodeon.

The webseries and the TV specials have become available to stream on Netflix, and select episodes and music videos have made their way to DVD and Blu-Ray as bonus features for some of Barbie's movies.

Her friends, Nikki, Teresa, Midge and Summer often come over to hang out.

Meanwhile, Barbie's "friend" Raquelle is often looking for ways to make her life difficult so that can be the star for once, occasionally teaming up with her twin brother Ryan, who really just wants in on Barbie.

The AACA Museum’s “Art of the Build” exhibit focuses on these individuals, and the rolling art they have created.

By treating each custom vehicle as a piece of sculpture, the Museum has planned this display as an art installation, celebrating each item for what it has become, not lamenting of what it once was.

Owned by: Tom & Ann Reigle In 1923 the Ford Pickup was the work horse of the day for the family as well as the small business man to carry his tools and some supplies.

Finding a real all steel 1923 ford pickup today is hard to find.

The car was in rough shape and Tom’s DREAM was to tear it all apart and have it completely rebuilt from ground up so it would reflect what he wanted. After being completely taken apart down to the last nut and bolt it was time to move forward.


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