Kat von d and steve o dating dating for older men

Not that we trust Steve-O, but this seems pretty bad for Kat.

On Friday, the television personality posted a photo of Steve-O on her Instagram as he posed with her cat, which she captioned: 'After an amazing day of tattooing, I'm ready to run home to these two sexy guys!

You Tuber Jeffree Star once accused Sam of thirsting on his man Nathan Schwandt.

2007 - 2007The two dated for a time, but eventually decided to part ways.

"I think the both of us are far too busy trying to make all of our projects a success to have any extra time to devote to partying and hangin' out," wrote Von D on her website.

No one knows for sure if she is dating Steve O or not, but I will tell you in the last week her myspace page has gone from single to in a relationship and her husbands still says single.

Major drama going on right now between Kat Von D and her former boyfriend Steve-O of Jackass fame.

Also the tattoo he gives kat says S heart K (Steveo loves Kat). When he had the dog in his hands after the bet he said "The dog is staying with us".

Kat is getting divorced from her husband (Oliver Peck) .

And why’d you delete Orbi and make Nikki such a big deal? He doesn’t like liars either, and your panties get to easily twisted up in a bitchy, mad-for-no-reason bunch for you to last so much as three weeks with him.

Changing your e-mail address will only serve to admit guilt and shame of your anti-semetic accusations.

I was the one that wanted to keep everything private.

My advice is to ask Garver to pull your career out of the fire.

He is not a Good person, but, he is not a liar, either.

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