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They are having fun." Another source added, "When Kristen filmed in Savannah, she spent several days together with Stella, who came to visit her.She was with Kristen on the set most days and seemed to have fun."The couple was first spotted together back in May at the Met Gala.The notoriously private actress turned 26 years old on Saturday, and has been inseparable as of late from French singer Stephanie Sokolinski, who's better known by her stage name, Soko.

The 62-year-old host was talking to her co-star Hoda Kotb about Justin Bieber cancelling his meet and greets when she looked at the screen and saw his photo. Maybe he should not do as many tours…I think he’s awfully young and awfully fit to be exhausted.

“That looks like a woman…I’m sorry, I keep thinking, ‘Is that Kristen Stewart? “There’s earrings…does it not look like Kristen Stewart?

The usually brunette actress was snapped at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday holding hands with singer Soko, rocking a grungy, new bleached 'do underneath her black beanie.

Sporting a leather jacket, a white T-shirt, loose jeans, and black Vans sneakers, Stewart stayed true to her edgy, casual style.

"I don't understand how so many people don't view it as what it is, which is nothing at all.

They're doing so well, the singer even invited the actress to church with him on Wednesday to meet the pastor.

“He is waiting for Selena to tell him that they are officially back together.

He doesn’t feel any rush, because no doubt they are already emotionally back together,” a source told .

If you’ve been worried that Justin Bieber is reeling from the news that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd “like each other’s personalities,” then you can finally sleep easy, because the male-crop-top aficionado has reportedly moved on with actress Hailee Steinfeld.

Not to be confused with Bieber’s ex Hailey Baldwin, Hailee Steinfeld has reportedly been dating the singer for “over a month,” according to TMZ.

No word yet on whether the coupling has caused any infighting among Taylor Swift’s squad, of which both Gomez and Steinfeld are high-profile members.


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