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Mechanical antique clocks come in various forms, either floor standing grandfather (longcase) clocks, wall hanging clocks, shelf and mantle clocks and bracket or table clocks.

Time only clocks have just one winding hole through the dial, usually located in the center of the dial just below the hands.

Most longcase clocks and bracket or mantle clocks have two gear trains and are thus striking clocks.

The escapement is another critical area for correcting wear.

The anchor pallets are often heavily pitted and may have been re-surfaced and polished several times in the clocks life.

Quarter striking clocks strike once, twice or three times on the quarter to indicate how many quarters have passed since the last hour struck.

Quarter chiming clocks will play a short tune or melody at each quarter, similar to the Westminster chime.

They strike the number of hours on a bell or a gong.

Bell striking clocks are usually earlier, striking on bells came first.

Gong striking clocks are usually dated from 1860 or later.

Gong striking clocks are rare before 1860, but it is possible to find gong striking clocks that date back to the early 19th century.

Both weight driven clocks and spring driven clocks are usually wound by a key or crank (key) through the dial at the front of the clock.


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