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In order for their legacy to continue, they must enlist protégés and teach them how to carry on their gift.These 'Queens of the Church' each have different styles and their own special way of delivering God's message, but all are united in their love of the Lord."A press release for the series goes on to list the "prophetesses and protégés" featured."She trains her protégé with a strict hand and isn't afraid to drop someone if they don't come up to her standards," the release says.

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When we were done talking, Larry says, "okay, it's time for all you good people to go home so my wife and I can go to bed!

" Everyone bursted out laughing and Alex Rivera said, "that new hairdo of yours must really be working! So much to do this week it's unbelievable..initiative list is huge, more importantly, Larry is having his shoulder operation this week on Thursday. I don't want him to have to to through it but at the same time, the doctor all but guarantees he is going to have full use of his arm back and will be back to normal.

But I'm concerned by the description of the show alone that this reality TV series is making a mockery of prophetic ministry and supernatural gifts.

Read what Core put out:"Known as 'prophetesses,' these women speak as interpreters through whom the will of God is expressed.

Adam went outside with us and we had a good time out there talking as usual. I wake up everyday and thank God for my life and all the special people in it. as far as how everything else went and we went to lunch with Pastor Aaron & Hannah...always a delight to be with them.

The boys went to a few concerts today and Morgan came home with us for the afternoon. I came home and took an hour and a half nap and then got up to work on the house for Bridges (home fellowship group) but they had cleaned the bathroom for me, and done some other things. I just had to put some finishing touches on, finish the green beans and potatoes I made, light all the candles, and just a few other little things.

I love the conversation, the food (they all bring casseroles, pies, you name it, it's there!

Of course this makes it hard to stay on program, but Larry and I did good, and I worked out hard on the elliptical afterwards tonight.) We had a great time of fellowship around the dinner tables at our house and then we all met in our living room to just share a few things about ourselves.

It was a great time of conversation, laughing, etc.

No one in the Legacy group has kids at the church, (except us) so nobody had to go pick kids up and instead of taking our meeting til we went til at least about .

Second, is it godly to just drop people who don't come up to our standards.

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