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Where to buy Fudge Hair Shaper - Orange tub, can be purchased from any good beauty supply shop and selected salons.Fudge Liquid Erekct - Orange spritz bottle with rubber base, can be purchased from any good beauty supply shop and selected salons V05 Fibre Putty - Blue tub, can be purchased from supermarkets Tresseme - Blue/Black or Blue/Pink can, can be purchased from any supermarket or pharmacy Good Luck !Ricky, naturally, introduces Andromeda to his friends and they are smitten. The day of celebration just a beacon of better days to the kingdom of Fenia.

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I recommend Tresemme, the one in either a blue/black or pink/black can.

-For Christophers hair you will want to texture it rather than spiking it, "Fudge Hair Shaper" will work for this but if you can get a third product called "V05 Fibre Putty" to mess it up and again finish with the tresseme hairspray.

When the circumstances that brought them together pull them apart again they must both figure out how to survive without each other. A city ruled with an iron fist by the maniacal Raven, with his law held as truth, enforced by his own mercenaries, known as the Scarecrows. A group of misfits, formed into an army by their leader, who is known only as "Bones".

A city of skyscrapers and factories, of darkness and oppression. After one hundred and fifty nine years, the Runaways are finally ready to retake Aeon.

We follow seventeen year old Matty as he is recruited by the Fallen in the last few months before the invasion.

Based off of the concept albums The Fallout and The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways by Crown the Empire.

The problem with getting it like theirs is that it doesn't seem to want to obey with the straightener Dx Although I don't use much product so that might be why. So if you're going to tell me to use Fancy Shampoo Name Here, then I probably won't have it x D As far as I can tell your hair is not cut appropriately to be styled in that manner. So I'm sorry you can't have it looking like theirs by tomorrow =[ Good news is you can have it eventually ! -For Jordans hair you will want short/shorter layers in order to spike it up easily -For Christophers hair you will want medium/long layers as his hair is more "messed up" than "spiked" up 3.

And yeah, don't comment on Jordan or Christofer saying they look gay or whatever, I really don't need to hear that -____- Thank you Ack, I totally forgot... I have like...straightening cream stuff, hair straightener, etc...basic household items. See how your hair is parted, that is the first problem and when you put it over your face its simply to long and you can't see right ? Secondly from your picture it looks as if you do not have enough layers in the upper area of your hair i.e From the top of your head to about the bottom of your ears it is all pretty much one length and then bellow there it looks like you have a lot more layering going on. So unfortunately styling it to look like their hair is going to be extremely hard to do without a proper cut ! Get layers cut in towards and on the top of your head.

But, that won't be easy, and they will need some help on the inside.

Intro, the Fallen, a small group of Runaway supporters, contacted by Bones himself, and tasked with the job of weakening the Scarecrows hold on Aeon however possible.

The picture of Christopher is WAY to dark, find a better one of him, I just happened to know what he looks like so it wasn't an issue here. Dry your hair, if your using a blow drier apply a heat protect treatment such as "Fudge Liquid Erekt".


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