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And when forced to act by egregious behavior, they made deals that let banking executives off-the-hook while their companies shelled out fines that amounted to the mere cost of doing business. The poster boy for this kind of “policy” — or just plain racketeering — was Jon Corzine, the head of the commodities brokerage MF Global, whose company looted “segregated” customer accounts to the tune of nearly a billion dollars in the fall of 2011.

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In April of 2009, Obama’s new SEC appointees, strong-armed by bank lobbyists, pushed the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) into suspending their crucial Rule 157, which had required publically-held companies to report their asset holdings based on standard market-based valuation procedures — called “mark-to-market.” After that, companies like Too-Big-Too-Fail banks could just make shit up.

This opened the door to the pervasive accounting fraud that allowed the financial sector to pretend it was healthy for the eight years that followed.

He played the role with cool-headed decorum, but that raises the question: was he just playing a role?

From the get-go, he made himself hostage to some of the most sinister puppeteers of the Deep State: Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and Tim Geithner on the money side, and the Beltway Neocon war party infestation on the foreign affairs side.

In the violence and disorder that ensued, Russia took back the Crimea — which had been gifted to the former Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic (a province of Soviet Russia) one drunken night by the Ukraine-born Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

What did we expect after turning Ukraine into another failed state?It culminated in the ridiculous campaign this fall to blame Russia for the defeat of Hillary Clinton. I didn’t vote for Hillary or Donald Trump (I wrote-in David Stockman). Barack Obama was not one of the alligators in it, but he was some kind of bird with elegant plumage that sang a song of greeting at every sunrise to the reptiles who stirred in the mud. Find out why investors have used them since 1972 to acquire physical gold and silver, and request free information, by visiting: .I’m not happy to see Donald Trump become president. 11-year-old Jeff Greenaway hears his mom and dad argue one night after an office Christmas party.The Crimean peninsula had been part of Russia for longer than the US had been a country.Its only warm water naval ports were located there.And how did the Obama and his allies in the legislative branch roll over to allow this disgraceful affront to the constitution to stand?


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