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You may be interested and surprised as to who they share the information with, maybe you already know this I feel confident that these sites are conducive to spam and worse as vital personal and private information is at high risk of theft I rated under ethical issues Great catch and best regards Interestingly Zero Margin is a part of Ad Optimizers LLC which was recently a defendant of well-known Scott Richter. I thought that what you do in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas :} I hate spammers Here is a full list of domains, for the first 1000 IP's, some already referenced in this thread, gathered from: AS15170 | .0/20 | Spark Networks Limited - DNS I had rated a few of thse for spam or as I came across them, a few years back.

Surprised to discover this network of domains has not been previously discussed.

Whether you're looking for kosher restaurants in Chicago, synagogues in San Francisco, Judaica stores in Jersey or a mohel in Miami, we have the information you're looking for.

The cities for which we have directories are all to the left.

Why waste your time reading news that isn't important to anybody - with Jewish News Daily, you read the news that is of most interest to others, and thus likely, to you as well!

Looking for Jewish Singles online but don't know where to look?

If you're obsessed with Jewish news, but don't want to look at 10 different sites, we have the solution for you.

Jewish News Daily brings you the top Jewish news, as voted by your peers to you.

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  6. However, if you unhide your profile you will appear in this section for anyone you viewed.

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