Porno greek chat - Jay chou dating hannah

According to the witness’ account, President Chou appeared reticent while maintaining his distance from Hannah on the streets of Japan.

Jay chou dating hannah

Asked to confirm whether Hannah and Jay vacationed together in Japan, Hannah’s manager replied, “We will not respond to the artist’s private affairs.” Promoting at Hit FM yesterday, Jay noted that his intention to get married at the age of 35-years-old remained unchanged.

“I do not want to have a generation gap with my children.” Regarding allegations that he got secretly married in France, Jay said, “When I saw the report, I just laughed!

Says Jay Chou, “My mental age is about the same as hers and we just get along like children.” Image courtesy of Jay Chou’s Weibo. Starting a family sounds pretty good.” Just like how the couple’s wedding would be, Chou’s proposal was traditional, magnificent, and closed to the media.

Notably, among Jay Chou’s past girlfriends, Hannah is the youngest and the one who has stayed with him the longest. According to Apple Daily, the proposal occurred during one of their stays in England: Jay Chou had carefully arranged the moment, there were fireworks in the sky, he knelt down to one knee for the big question, and Hannah’s answer, of course, was, .

In 2011, though the couple still did not confirm their relationship, they were seen together on numerous occasions and were even photographed in France, with Chou’s arm around Hannah.

By 2013, Jay and Hannah were no longer hiding their relationship.

There is no need to hide if I were to get married and especially no need to get a marriage certificate at such a faraway location.” Jay vowed to announce his marriage when it occurs.

On the other hand, in a recent interview, Hannah stated, “I can get married right now!

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan were caught by the media while on a vacation in France in 2011.

Currently, Jay is 34 and Hannah is 20 this year (2013).

And while there was no love at first sight, Chou has said that Hannah nevertheless made an impression on him.


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