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His most recent venture has been the company's dance studio called IMMA S p a c e.It went live on 28th February, 2017 with a dance routine to That's what I like by Bruno Mars.) Thanks to her top-notch technique and unreal flexibility—not to mention a brief appearance on "Dance Moms"—Lucia became a household name practically overnight.

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Adams' career slowly began to lift off from there as he began to book many more jobs and appeared in movies, commercials, short films, etc.

In late 2009, Adams chose to move to Los Angeles, California to continue to establish his career.

In 2010, he landed a job dancing on tour for rap artist T-Pain.

He also, since moving to LA, got jobs choreographing for Nike commercials and as a guest choreographer on one of the most popular dance television series in America, So You Think You Can Dance.

The five day convention held in California every year consists of four days of workshops with some of the industry's top choreographers and the imma Beast audition on the fifth day.

Each year, the convention's size keeps going from about 750 dancers the first year to over 1,000 dancers in over a year.Choreographers like Brian Friedman, Tricia Miranda, Janelle Ginestra and Phil Wright schedule classes here.We all know that Will "Willdabeast" Adams and Janelle Ginestra are choreographic geniuses (I mean, Fraternal Twins? The 13-year-old captured our hearts when she posed for pics with older sister Maddie during Maddie's 2015 Dance Spirit cover shoot, and since then, has totally come into her own.William "Willdabeast" Adams, who is originally from Indiana, began his more intense dance training in 2005 in cities like Indianapolis and Chicago.He then began to travel and attend many dance conventions like Monsters of Hip Hop, Pulse on Tour, and many others.But dancer-chefs were a thing long before the internets.


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