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She has a passion for serving others, asking hard questions and sharing The Gospel with both her words and actions. If you haven’t yet joined the sew along for this month, get going.

Bianca loves Jesus, her hubs, authentic friendships, traveling, making lists of all kinds, and trying new recipes which she blogs about on Guess what? And not just because my friend Sue is the genius behind the design. It’s worth the for a yard of fleece and you’ll love the results.

Book: Flickr pool: Deadline to win: September 30th Perfect timing for someone’s birthday today, who also LOVES to take photos: Cheers!

-kelli I never expected to receive so many email from my last post.

The last four years have provided space from that painful time; I have to dig deep to get to the emotions that were once written across my face.

This is fantastic for today’s happiness, my current relationship, etc. You’ve got to relive the anger, conflict and grief that inspired the story. Trying emotional times provide the necessary drama to get a story moving.

Our challenge this month: copy a cute outfit we liked. That is about as fierce as I get without a feather mini skirt. But if I were to splurge on a few new fabulous items: Shoes: amazeballs To be worn with tights and skirts and amazing scarves as it starts to get chilly. Add the potatoes and chiles, let simmer with the lid on for 30-45 minutes. About 20 minutes before serving, add a dash of salt, pepper and cumin.

All the same: I appreciate her courage and creativity. (If not — it will cook in an hour or so too.) Start with a large Dutch oven. The size doesn’t really matter — you are going to blend this soup to perfection.I walk by the house I think you live in during the day when I’m sure you’re not there, and I do so very slowly. What in the world have you done to her so that she’ll stay through your nightly tirades of abuse? We can all hear you cheering and jeering your television. ” I have had several inquiries from friends and family in the last month. This week we read Amy Bloom’s, “A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You.” She writes, “Sophisticated readers understand that writers work out their anger, their conflicts, their endless grief and rolling list of loss, through their stories.You do so with the bravado of a kindergarten student in the talent show who just can’t get enough attention from his mommy. If you continue to speak to your girlfriend/wife/sister that way — I will find you. That however mean-spirited or diabolical, it’s only a story.I will rally the other neighbors and we will see at a minimum the police get in your house, write you a ticket for being a dickhead and make sure whomever you’ve decided to use as your verbal punching bag knows there are other options. And because I am the spoiled only daughter, she brought me a beautiful new quilt: One of the many talents I wish my mother had passed along is her patience. Her quilts take so much precision and time, and yet she’s like a machine. That the darkness in the soul is shaped into type and lies there, brooding and inert, black on the page, and active, dangerous, only in the reader’s mind. I am not harmless.” I started writing Novel #2 in 2008 when I was newly running a non-profit for the first time and dating difficult man.I promise to do this before the windows close to the cold in a few weeks. You wouldn’t believe how many of these she makes each year. And it looks gorgeous with the other shabby chic elements of my bedroom. Several of the themes from the story come from that period of my life — which was severely lacking in grace. In Acts, Luke writes how Paul explained again and again about the Holy Spirit. (Right now I am cooking soup, listening to opera, watching the dogs run in and out, watering the garden and oh – writing.) I make to do lists to cross things off, enjoying every second of productivity.


  1. At the same time, remember that some of the potentials you meet may be shy or may need a few minutes to open up and talk to you.

  2. The soundtrack choices are almost unerringly cliché, from The Animals to Procol Harum to Simon and Garfunkel, to “Gimme Shelter.” You could feel each one of them coming around the corner, and I thought scenes were sometimes stretched just to accommodate another verse or chorus.

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