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If we look at the Products worksheet, we can see that there are a few new products listed here. As you can see, the VLOOKUP function isn't searching the full list of products; it's only searching down to row 13.

This places the Hosted Account Management Login Token URL in the email that the user can click on to enter their account directly.

For more information on how modifying email templates works (and the available parameters) please visit our Email Templates documentation.

However, if we continue adding more products, we will eventually break the VLOOKUP function again, so this is not a perfect solution.

If you're using Microsoft Excel, a much better solution is to use a table.

Once logged in, customers can view and manage their subscriptions, invoices, and billing information.

Your Recurly emails can be customized with the account_hosted_maintenance_url parameter.So here's our new function:=VLOOKUP(A3, Products List, 2, FALSE)If anyone ever adds information to the table, the VLOOKUP function will include it automatically—no need to worry about updating the cell range later on.Again, you'll need to update all of the VLOOKUP functions in the spreadsheet to refer to the table rather than the cell range.After you have purchased then use the Contact Technical Support link above to receive prompt assistance from our technical support team. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Reference Docs as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Recurly allows you to white-label the entire subscription experience within your website, using our API.The VLOOKUP function in row 2 looks good, but row 3 doesn't seem to be working.


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