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You also don’t want to date anyone who’s only with you to make a statement.Remember, you’re looking for a relationship, not a political display.Race isn’t a fundamental part of getting to know someone else, so there’s no need to dwell on it as a topic.

Entering the relationship aware and respectful of these differences will give you a surer footing for a successful partnership.

You might even find that the mutual curiosity you have in each other’s racial differences brings an interesting dynamic to the relationship and could make you both more aware, not just of each other, but of your own identity too.

Thanks to the emergency of dating websites and apps, it’s now easier than ever to start from every walk of life.

However, dating can be awkward enough without worrying you’re doing something wrong when bridging ethnicities.

Most of the time, these people are just looking to experiment with their own pre-conceptions about race and color.

You deserve a lot more than being someone else’s trial run.

While we still have some way to go, compared to other nations, Ireland is showing the early signs of growth in interracial dating and relationships.

Of course, mixed race couples should be just another unremarkable type of romantic partnership, but for a country which only very recently introduced same-sex marriage into law, we are still waking up to the diversity of our population and their wants and needs.

With our changing cultural landscape and a modern demography with such a rich blend of race and religion, dating outside your race is no longer uncommon.


  1. In the United Kingdom, "black" was historically equivalent with "person of color", a general term for non-European peoples.

  2. You should learn to be sensible and careful in every way. You aren’t planning on getting something that you weren’t seeking unless it is meant to happen. They are coming across good matches, and some are even getting married.

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  4. She tries to prove the facts at least before she seduces her little (not so) sister Aubrey.

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