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To put the price issue into context consider that a Russian airline pilot has a net average monthly salary of 4 and a bus driver nets 2.

It also suggests the Russian economy is doing better.

I use Aperture, which I really love, but it can be quite demanding and the processor speed, graphics card and RAM in my old machine just weren’t cutting it.

Everything about this machine is wicked-fast, but there are times when the beach ball appears while I’m using the internet.

Since my machine came with the new Lion OS, the problem could be that, the new machine, my internet connection–or a combination of all three.

NOTE: This offering is not listed with the US SEC or any other regulatory agency.

At present, it is only offered as a "novelty" item.

Russians drink more than 32 pints of pure alcohol per capita per year, more than double the World Health Organisation’s recommended maximum.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Army was constantly having to guard against its soldiers drinking the brake fluid from vehicles.

It took about an hour to migrate my old machine over to the new one.

I was immediately impressed by the increased speed.

Traditionally, getting set up to serve your site has required purchasing a site certificate at a cost of hundreds of dollars per year.

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