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My jaw nearly hits the floor when I open it, she is truly a goddess, her hair beautifully done, her make up flawless, her red dress hugging all of her curves, the neck line is cut so low her breasts are almost spilling out, the dress is so short, it is barely containing her swaying ass, her mid calf riding boots accenting her calves.

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Running her nails down my back, across my ass, down my thighs.

Leaning over me until her breasts crush against my back, she pushes my farthest leg towards the floor, hooking me over her knee.

That's when the sudden shock grasped me, the pressure from the tip of her medium sized butt plug pressing against my asshole, I tried to wriggle away, her leg locked mine tighter, she leaned over me, once again pinning me down to her lap, managing to make me contort to being ass arched high.

She pushed the plug deeper into my ass, part of me wanted to yell, and the other part wanted to cum all over her.

She walks toward the Jacuzzi room, stopping to strip off her dress, no bra, no panties, her bare pussy gleaming from a visible wetness. Her face is lightly flushed, she partially moves to cover herself from the moment of shock.

She turns towards me, kissing me deeply, giving my cock a slight tug.

I begin to lay out an assortment of toys, the Hitachi, a small dildo, a few butt plugs ranging from small to large stretching one, her favorite ten inch long, thick, all around huge dildo.

Toys..check, Rose petals..check, Jacuzzi filled with warm water..check, candles lit..check.

For almost two years she had been talking of picking up a random guy to fuck while I watch, it usually plays into our sex life with the use of a variety of toys.

My baby girl's birthday was quickly approaching, I really wanted to make this a special one.

Entering further into the suite she nods approvingly, smiling when she sees the trail of rose petals that lead into the Jacuzzi room.

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