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However, she wasn’t expecting her partner to not return to his previous state.Chat Noir, her heroic, flirtatious, charming sidekick, lay unconscious on the pavement.

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What he doesn't know, is that eventually is coming sooner than he expects. After a particularly strong blow that set a fight to an end, one of the heroes is taken by surpise for noticing something simple. What happens in the dorm rooms, stays in the dorm rooms.

After all the time strengthening their bonds, always from both sides of the mask, the new realization is going to change their lives and test their friendship.

It's nearing the end of the parisian school year, and life at Collège Françoise Dupont seems to go on as normal.

Exams are on the horizon, old (and new) rivalries play, classmate crushes develop and bloom, and teenage shenanigans abound.

Three long years since crime took it's biggest drop in history, leaving our hero to attend to her studies and is now starting college.

But when news comes of darker, more vicious villains, who knows what will become of our beloved polka-dotted crime-fighter?It all started with this anon posting conspiracy theories about Adrien having a possible girlfriend in the forum of Adrien’s fanclub.Somehow it all evolved to a ship war between #Ladrien, #Adrienette, #Marichat, and #Ladynoir.Da biste ga naveli, idite na "Postavke".- Razgovarajte s web kameru u 'video' način.- Razgovarajte s mikrofonom u 'mikro' način.- Chat anonimno bez mikro i nema videa u 'tekst' način.- Izvidi i druge razgovore anonimno, ako se smije.- Ako ne želite da se špijunirao promijeniti u "Settings".Za početak press ' F2' ili kliknite 'pokrenuti'. Tradicionalno dobra kombinacija za chatanje i dating je IRC server-klijent platforma - poznatije kao IRC Internet relay chat, ovaj put na CHAT. HR-stranici prilagođen je za mobitele svih vrsta te se spajanje vrši lako i jednostavno putem Mibbit chat sistema na IRC server. odabrali smo dodatno još dvije sobe (XAT servise) za upoznavanje, pričaona s djevojkama i mladićima pretežno iz Hrvatske (, no uvijek ima posjeta iz susjednih država, Bosne i Hercegovine, Srbije, Crne Gore, Makedonije, Slovenije odnosno s Balkana. Ne zaboravite, administratori ovdje strogi pa je dobro da samo šutite jer bi se mogli ozljediti i zaraditi BAN:).


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