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Last but not least, working with credible partners across all of your social channels can add value, credibility and trust to your brand.A good example of how a partnership could work would be a collaboration with a popular blogger or You Tuber who represents the market you’re trying to target; e.g. Around this time was getting national media attention and Dr.

According to recent research, creating human-interest videos of a person speaking about their product or service can dramatically increase sales.

When you’ve reached a certain amount of views and/or subscribers, you’ll be eligible to become a You Tube Partner.

Instagram is a great channel for raising brand awareness, with a staggering 75m people using the app every day.

The visual content style is great at capturing someone’s attention and consistently reminding them about your brand, driving them back to your site time and time again.

My Space very quickly took away 1,000’s of paying members from Dating sites.

Users asked themselves, “Why pay .99 a month when I can create my own profile, view other user’s profiles, and chat directly with them?

Every successful business should have a Twitter account.

Twitter is a very good way to increase brand awareness, provide instant updates and information to your target market, as well as being a powerful outlet to promote your blog content, You Tube videos and of course your dating website.

” Although we still build dating sites, the majority of the projects Web Biz builds incorporates social networking technology. If you look IAC Fact Sheet for 2007 you will find the remarkable results: ■ 60,000 new people register on every day ■ Websites in 15 different languages, serving 37 different countries ■ More than 15 million members, with approximately 1.3 million paying subscribers monthly membership is .99 a month; if you do the math that is over ,000,000 a month in revenue!


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