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It is definitely for real." Rodriguez, who played his final Major League Baseball game in August, took a full-time analyst job Tuesday with Fox Sports, where he previously had been killing it as a guest host teamed with Pete Rose.

Of course, Lopez's outings with Drake had dating rumors swirling earlier this year too, though she put the kibosh on that for real Monday night, telling Trevor Noah , "Let me clear this up: I am not with Drake." Rodriguez and Lopez each have two kids from previous relationships.

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We also included tips on how to spot a few of the dogs that are often confused for more desirable engines.

Big thanks go to Tony Martinez and Carl Bourdon Jr.

His daughters are 8 and 12; her twin son and daughter recently turned 9.

A-Rod was married once, while JLo is a three-time divorcee.

An engine caked with three decades of road grime is more likely to be original and unmolested than a clean one.

Heinous filth also often deters other would-be treasure seekers from taking a closer look or yanking the mill.• Don’t overlook trucks.

We’ve assembled this quick ‘n’ dirty guide to identifying engines at the boneyard so you won’t get stuck with a 350 Olds when you thought you were pulling a 455 (we’ve done that).

Since there’s not enough space to identify every engine you’re likely to encounter, we included only V-8s and focused specifically on those you’d probably want.

"He was with her in Vegas during this latest leg of her Planet Hollywood Vegas show," Love reported Wednesday.

"They were all coupled up behind the scenes, not public, but absolutely not hiding their relationship around close friends and family.

The rumors are all over the place: It's been going on for "a few months," and they were just together in Los Angeles, a source told Page Six on Wednesday evening.


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