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On the 15th day of 22-year-old Kim Shelton’s time in the Costa Rican, jungle she caught a turtle and then cooked and ate the creature.Shortly after saying that the meat “makes me feel so good,” Shelton began to feel sick, have severe stomach cramps and started violently vomiting.

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At the time, sure, Milyn was a nobody—but she since appeared on one season of The story of Quentin Tarantino and Beejoli Shah is, by now, the stuff of legend. But if you don’t have—or don’t feel like taking—the time, in short: Tarantino met a girl at a party.

He brought her home and, instead of having sex, asked her: “Can I suck on your toes while I jerk off? Eventually, Austin took note, and hooked up with her.

(Bloom, ever the gentleman, tracked down Ross’s number and called to formally apologize.

Ross, for her part, apparently harbors no regrets.) It’s obviously not the first time a celebrity has mingled with someone who is (how do we put it? In fact, here are ten tales of A-listers who have hooked up with average Joes and Janes. And if you find yourself in the vicinity of a superstar—and you feel like making your move—be sure you’ve learned the single most effective way to boost your sex appeal. a few years back, Styles was set up on a blind date with one Townes Adair Jones, a student at UCLA who hails from South Carolina.

What viewers did not see, however, was the bread, rice and baby food producers gave Shelton while she was sick, alleges a source close to the show.

Shelton was also hooked up to two IVs in order to get rehydrated.

“They said they wanted to show the reality and how difficult it was, but they went for the ratings.” “They gave it the Hollywood treatment.” “Naked and Afraid” drew 4.16 million viewers to its Sunday premiere making it the highest rated series premiere in 2013, according to TV By The Numbers.

The next episode airs this Sunday, June 30th at 10 pm when two survivalists are dropped into the brutally hot Serengeti plains of Tanzania.

Orlando Bloom almost found himself in deep water recently—and no, not off the coast of the Caribbean.

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