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Now, if you think that's bad, let's look at how guys fare.

As a girl, your greatest weakness is the fact that traditionally, 99.9% of all CL Casual Encounter (cas) ads have been spam, and so your post will be invariably marked as spam within an hour, no matter how good or non spamesque it looks.

This is particularly hilarious now (Feb 2011) because Craigslist changed their Spam algorithm, eliminating maybe 90% of fraudulent posts, but because user flagging behavior has not caught up to the actual validity of posts, posts still get flagged the same way.

In parts 2 and 3 I'll be talking with people from other spheres of casual hook-ups: Newspaper Classifieds and fetish sites to explore just what happens in a casual hook-up with someone you only met online.

Meet Nina—Fulfilling her fantasies through the newspaper classifieds Nina is a 56 year old RN.

While online dating becomes okay with single moms in the suburbs, the world of online casual sex is seen as drastic, continuing some 90's parental fear of “you could be anyone on the world wide web!

” In Part 1, I covered Craigslist Casual Encounters.

Still, once you get into the routine, it's fairly low maintenance (5 minutes per day on average), and yields small but perhaps meaningful dividends.

58% of men say the site has led to faster sex, while 80% of women echo this sentiment.

So, to answer your original question, you're looking at an overall .5% success rate if you have any standards.

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