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Joel Soisson, best known for producing films such as Piranha 3DD, Dracula 2000 and Mimic 2, is working on a new thriller entitled “Cam2Cam” (C2C).Possibly based on the 2008 short film directed by Davy Sihali, we have an official synopsis after the jump: Lucy, a young American tourist in Thailand, dies after being lured into a kinky online game.And I don't mean just the internet, but a computer itself.

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If only Lucy fully spelled out her words like “sry” and “undrstnd” then she might still be alive today.

feels like a movie that should have come out 10 years ago during the height of internet predator hysteria.

Set in Thailand, we meet a travelista named Allie (Tammin Sursok) who posts up at a hostel type complex filled with an eclectic cast of roommates.

While being shown around by one of her friendly neighbors, she learns of an online chat program called Cam2Cam, where you can interact with people online in any capacity you’d like.

Does it really take that much more time to properly spell words when you are chatting with someone online?

Perhaps it does take a little longer, but common courtesy should dictate proper grammar and syntax even when chatting it up with your eventual killer.

Age, hair color, mother’s maiden name, college GPA; it’s all accessible to the right people – including your current location.

Movies like ), and unfortunately it’s also the most disappointing, like a chatroom hottie who won’t even spill her a/s/l.

We also offer an extensive line-up of our premium quality lubricants in quarts, gallons, pails, kegs, drums, and totes.

CAM2 International, LLC has formed a strategic alliance with one of the largest packagers in the United States to dramatically increase the geographic area to which CAM2 International can competitively supply its products.

flounders about like a flaccid ladyboy's penis after one too many estrogen injections.

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