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Find a few people you can trust to serve as accountability partners for you while you work to change unhealthy behaviors to healthy ones. Think and pray about what you believe about romantic love and why those values are important to you.

Once you’ve clarified your values, write them down in a journal.

Often, people’s images and souls are out of sync with each other.

Once you’ve identified unhealthy behaviors, ask God to empower you to stop them and start new, healthy behaviors in your dating relationships.

Accept the forgiveness that God offers you for your past mistakes, and forgive yourself, as well.

Are you searching for the right person to marry, yet frustrated that true love seems to be eluding you?

If so, be encouraged that the kind of love you’re searching for really does exist.

Open your mind to the reality that love is all around you and that God may lead you to experience true love at any time in any place.

In order to embrace this truth, let go of common misconceptions about love, such as: love is unattainable (it’s actually within your reach), love is painful (a romantic partner’s behavior can cause you pain, but love doesn’t cause pain), love is possessive (real love leads to freedom), love demands perfection (true love is unconditional), and love is vain (your ego actually repels love from you, while authenticity attracts love to you).

Like all of us, I’m here searching for that special person who will compliment my world and who’ll allow me to do the same for him.

I’m a happy, genuine woman who appreciates the simple pleasures in life and knows who and what’s most important.

Write down the negative beliefs about love that you have been holding onto; then pray about each one and ask the Holy Spirit to replace your false beliefs with God’s truths about love.


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