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It seems to be more acceptable for a white man to marry a woman of another race, but it crosses the line when a white girl does the same.I think this also stems from a sexist mentality too.Maybe the secret racial purity indoctrination the church feeds the young women from an early age got to their head, and theyoung white women believe it is their duty to keep their race "white and delightsome" by exclusively dating and marryingtall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed white males, whereas the church being a male-dominated church, gives its men the freedom tomarry interracially if they choose. I think the church (outside of Utah) is getting better at accepting interracial relationships. I can think of three interracial couples in my ward, but all three are white guy married to non-white girl.

I married a Mexican American, my one roomie a Mexican, and the other a Chinese man. Also, one of the girls in our ward back home married a black guy, though she doesn't go to church.

So, it seems that where you are raised has something to do with it, and this was 26 years ago.

It seems to be more acceptable for a man to have sowed his wild oats than it is for a "pure" woman to "lose" her virginity.

There are number of Japanese/Caucasian married couples in S.

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As a Middle Eastern guy and former investigator (I was never baptized) in an all-white LDS ward,the attitude of the church towards interracial relationships always interested me.

This will always be so."Remarks by President Brigham Young, made in the Tabernacle, Great Salt Lake City, March 8, 1863, reported by G. 2,1025051,1025051#msg-1025051My niece married a man of Tongan descent (great guy, btw). At the reception his dad spoke along the lines of how wonderful it was to have a white girl marry a Tongan to bring about the lighter skin.

That may not have been the exact term he used but the words he said were very clear.

Since the LDS church seems preoccupied right now with falling membership, maybe going forward "interracial" relationships won't be such a big deal (? Who cares what color people are if they're having kids/new members and tithing?

I've noticed that too with Mormons and racist mentalities in general.

One converted because she is engaged to a white Mormon guy. I wondered at first if they would experience racism from other Mormons for that reason, but according to the OP, it sounds like white guy/non-white girl is generally not a problem.


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