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Instead, the camera points to her feces-smeared face as onlookers laugh and jeeringly shout, "It got Grandma!

George Jude, Emily’s grandson-in-law, told the station that relatives initially had no idea who would commit such a vile act. They really weren’t expecting it to be part of the family that did it,” he said. “Anybody in their right mind I don’t think would’ve been up there digging out a grave. But Jude told WSAZ that Emily had been resting in eternity without any precious metals.

“The only thing in her coffin when they buried her was a porcelain doll and six pictures,” Jude said.

Deputies spoke with the man who said he was parked next to the mom and moved her stroller because it was blocking his driver’s side door.

The woman claimed on social media that she had to rip the stroller out of the man’s hands, but Lekander said that’s not the version of the story she gave to police.“What information we have and have confirmed through making contact with the reporting party and the gentlemen who she claimed tried to kidnap her child is that story was completely twisted and turned on social media,” Lekander said.

A new viral video captures an unassuming suburban family on a trip to the John Ball Zoo in Michigan, specifically to the chimpanzee pit.

There, they came face-to-face with a seemingly cute chimpanzee, who was hiding a stinky surprise for Grandma.

KUSA - VERIFY – YOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS, WE’LL FIND ANSWERSA 9NEWS project to make sure what you’ve heard is true, accurate, verified. The since-deleted post was rapidly shared, garnering more than 50,000 shares on Facebook between Saturday and Monday night when it appears to have been removed.

THE QUESTIONTens of thousands of people shared a lengthy Facebook post from a mom claiming she was followed in a Highlands Ranch clothing store by men she suspected of sex trafficking.

Earlier this year, a mom claimed a man was trying to kidnap her kid outside the Highlands Ranch library.

Lauren Le Kander, a spokeswoman for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, said that wasn't the case.

Here’s her main claim:"I can't say WHAT the true intentions were but I have 2 little kids and I am a young 20s, noticeably have a baby bump 7 months along.


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