Granny dating france

The police were unable to identify the killer, though the investigators had a few clues.

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Mathurin returned to Paris, while Paulin tried to start his own firm of transvestite artists, a plan which failed in autumn 1985.

From December 20, 1985, to June 14, 1986, eight more old women were murdered.

However, in the new murders, the killer appeared to favor quicker, less cruel methods.

In the autumn of 1986, Paulin attacked one of his cocaine dealers with a baseball bat.

On October 5, 1984, two elderly women were assaulted in Paris.

Germaine Petitot, 91, survived but was too traumatized to give a detailed description of the criminals.Paulin paid for these parties with stolen credit cards and checks, and with the proceeds from his murders.On November 25, 1987, Paulin murdered Rachel Cohen, age 79.His father accepted in order to avoid paying alimony.As a mixed-race student among white peers, Paulin had few friends, and performed poorly at school, failing his exams.At the age of 17, he decided to enter military service early, joining the parachutists' troops; however, his fellow soldiers disdained him for his race and homosexuality.


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