Godly dating boundaries

Everything we do while dating should work to maintain the sanctity of the covenant of marriage.If you commit time to him daily, you have started “doing life” with him.

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The rest of his heart is meant to be explored in marriage.

– your sisters in Christ, your family, and your husband.

You have to search your heart and spend time in prayer to determine what your personal boundaries should be.

The excuse we tell ourselves is if we don’t spend a lot of alone time with him and we don’t know everything about him, we won’t know if we want to marry him.

Despite over a decade of prayer, a proper attitude toward the commitment and responsibility of marriage, and realistic expectations, it just hasn’t happened. But, at the same time, in this long season of singleness, I’ve had a lot of time to think and pray about these things.

I’ve wrestled with what I believe about dating, its purpose, and whether or not it’s good for me to date (with proper boundaries, of course!So you may ask, how are we supposed to know what to do??Well, the Bible does talk a lot about something else: marriage.So often we tell ourselves our relationship is godly as long as we’re both Christians and we don’t have sex, but we are completely married emotionally!We end up having a series of mini marriages and completely mocking God’s covenant.He should not know the inner workings of your heart.

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