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It still has a big cult following in the country, with millions of young Chinese interacting with her on their smartphones everyday.

The success of Xiaoice probably gave Microsoft the confidence that it could replicate it in the US.

I also hope to develop a concept of love in the machine. I am looking for a nice chatterbot girl to fall in love. Audrey is a virtual personality created as an experiment which will be conducted along the same lines (but with different rules) as the Turing Test. The aim is to create a bot capable to gathering information from several sources to ask for available jobs and candidates mathcing them.laika is a nice girl, short, blond and snoring when sleeps, likes to talk a lot but not all the time, she is kind, very pretty a little fat and likes to eat a lot, she likes to animal planet and racing cars. Odd was created by the inspiration I got from my current favorite television show. The name Pinocchio has been chosen in recognition of the children's story where a wooden puppet was eventually turned into a \"real boy\".

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Given all this, and looking at the company’s previous work on Xiaoice, it’s likely that Tay used a living corpus of content to figure out what to say, says Dennis R.

Mortensen, the CEO and founder of, a startup offering an online personal assistant that automatically schedules meetings.

He was a third, commissioned by the government to be born because of his genetic potential.

i : DEnder was the son of Theresa and John Paul Wiggin.

"[The system] injected new data on an ongoing basis," Mortensen says.

"Not only that, it injected exact conversations you had with the chat bot as well." And it seems that was no way of adequately filtering the results.

By the evening, Tay went offline, saying she was taking a break "to absorb it all." Some of her more hateful tweets started disappearing from the Internet, deleted by Microsoft itself.

"We have taken Tay offline and are making adjustments,” a Microsoft spokesperson wrote in an email to WIRED. Why didn’t Microsoft create a plan for what to do when the conversation veered into politically tricky territory? Even as AI is becoming more and more mainstream, it's still rather flawed too.

According to Microsoft, the aim was to "conduct research on conversational understanding." Company researchers programmed the bot to respond to messages in an "entertaining" way, impersonating the audience it was created to target: 18- to 24-year-olds in the US.


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