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In Germany we are therefore pursuing a multidimensional approach that is reflected within our G20 Employment Plan and Growth Strategy.

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Like many countries, Australia is facing demographic challenges.

To limit the impact of population ageing and support economic growth, the government is encouraging more people to participate in the workforce.

Our strategies include gradually extending the Age Pension age and adjusting eligibility conditions for the Disability Support Pension and family payments.

In addition, the government is committed to implementing a new paid parental leave scheme, which will encourage increased female participation.

These reforms will provide long-term benefits for Australians and demonstrate the government’s commitment to delivering on the outcomes of Australia’s G20 presidency.

Further information on the G20’s outcomes for 2014 is available at Nahles, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Creating more jobs in sectors such as high technology does not suffice.

KG in Düsseldorf und das Unternehmen Rohr- und Stahlhandel Jung & Co.

The world economy is still suffering from the strains of the longest crisis of modern times, and nowhere is this more evident than in the high unemployment numbers.

More jobs are not just a matter of quantity, but quality, too.

And more jobs have to be absorbed by the labour market and the workforce.

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