tokyo japanese dating service japanese - Galaxy s3 weather widget not updating

I know the older Note 10.1 could make phone calls (3G version), but so far details of this version are elusive on this front...

After that some S-Pen and Multiwindow custom tweaks, as well as Adblock, XPosed framework and various other goodies.

Did you manage to get them Daymo, I would of thought you were eligable for the USA based bundle with your tablet?

Yeah, I had sort of hoped that a distributor in Hong Kong might have had stock for Western markets...a bit naive on my part!

Think in future I will be happy to pay the premium...heaven knows how I would go with a warranty claim. I'm from Singapore originally, and have never experienced that when getting stuff from there. Has been like that since the new devices were announced (within about 24 hours).

Anyone know what to do if that widget stops working.

It fails when I click on it and it is generating many annoying pop ups stating Unfortunately weather has stopped working.

But perhaps someone using the Telstra 4G version can confirm. But I don't really care as I want to use more the device for productivity sake than being worried about the insurance from samsung if I brake it....

For those who have purchsed this unit, there is a 5 movie for free from samsung. Just to let everyone know that if you update your Samsung Hub and then the Video app from it, you will get a 5 movie for FREE. after a few days wished I could have more apps in my multi-window without rooting but with no luck at all. (oh and test it first for any defects before rooting it so you can return to samsung if ever) Now the device is working a lot better as I have the freedom to use it and manipulate it to my liking.

One thing I didn't expect though was that the set-up screen was all in Chinese with no obvious way to change the language; took a good 20 minutes before I happened on a drop down menu that got me to an English choice.


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  2. This is another huge one and has literally taken until the very last minute to get it all completed!

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