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The idea that the motivating power of boobs might get them to chase those dreams makes for great inspiration porn, but in real life, it requires massive upheavals and changes in your personal status quo and those guys have already decided that they’d rather do whatever it is they’re doing now.

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Or at least: that’s what movies and TV have taught them, anyway.

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a movie about how the right relationship transforms men for the better.

The difference in personalities is going to mean that your differences will overwhelm the things you have in common.

Just as importantly, however, is that women have enough shit going on in their lives before finding out that they’ve signed onto being somebody’s life coach.

A girlfriend isn’t Dumbo’s magic feather; she’s a person, same as you are.

Asking her to take responsibility for your self-improvement regimen is an unfair imposition on her.In many ways, your relationship is a separate entity from you and your partner, and it will make demands of you.Like a sexy vintage car, if you want your relationship to work past the initial honeymoon phase, you have to put in the work.Now, having just said all that: Yeah, I know: if having a girlfriend won’t change you, then the fuck is this horse shit?Well, while a relationship isn’t your magic “make better life changes” button, it require change.As a result, they don’t find themselves a relationship so much as a girlfriend-shaped disaster of Hindenburg proportions.


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