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I was forced to read this aloud at school and had to stop for laughing. Samuel Pepys Diary - especially volumes covering 1666 onwards: everyday life under the Stuarts, warts and all.None of us in class were able to continue and the English lesson deteriorated into general mayhem when our beloved Litt. I re-read it every five years or so and still laugh aloud. Includes eye-witness accounts of the plague, the Great Fire, and his neighbour's wife's sexual habits.You can arrange a hotel through the tourist office, Thomas Cook or at the Airports and Train Stations.

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See our trips page for details of how to rent one of the Queen's own guesthouses on her Sandringham estate.

TOP TIP: in summer months stay in student rooms at the LSE (see accommodation page for details).

It also pursues a rather aggressive marketing policy and is aligning itself with big business in a way that makes it as much a part of of the problem as the solution.

We much prefer the 'Salvation Army' (and we're not christians at all) which, surprisingly has a less cultish grip on the problem.

It's slightly better buying a copy than giving drug/alcohol money to a beggar (though we suspect it's the same by just one remove) - and the sellers are supposed to abide by a courtesy code - there have been some prosecutions up north for links with the organised drug trade.

It's spawned a rather fashionable industry of 'help for the homeless' and is used to give products 'street cred'.

They are collecting for heroin, alcohol or tobacco.

Many who sleep on the streets have been banned from hostels for assaulting other inmates patients or stealing from them, or are too intoxicated to be safely admitted.

We don't approve, especially as many banks are cutting ATMs out of poorer areas.

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