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A great compilation that shouts inspiration from every page.

You can simply flick to any page and you get some supercharg'n info.

This book is about to become the first book in the cafe! Open any page, anytime and become inspired to live the life of your dreams.” – can’t stress how amazing this book is. No matter what your situation is, the quotations in this book will touch your heart in some way.

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The more I read it, the more I can relate to it.” – a few days of reading and being completely inspired, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!

Every quote, every paragraph, made me think, ‘I want to add this to my next blog’ as they resonated so profoundly within me. Once again, I hit a quotation that jumped my DNA to full attention, and I appreciated it so much I wanted to tell you that you have done a very good thing. In a good way.” – , John Mc Cabe weaves his own insightful narrative in and among some of the most soul-stirring and evocative quotes from notable people around the world, past and present.

Instead, we must always grow from the past and use every experience, every struggle, every failure, and every success as fuel to pave the way for the wonderful journey ahead.

I like to take notes when I read books and while reading this one, I do not think I was able to set the pen down.

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All of the galleries displayed on our site are hosted by websites that are not under our control.We are surrounded by an increasing number of people who have truly lost touch with their intellect, talents, skills, and instinct while they consume junk food, focus on celebrity nonsense and lead horribly lazy lives of conformity.It is good to remember that, if you are not experiencing the life you want, there is one person to whom you can turn to change your life, and that person is you.” The author spent many years accumulating the words of wisdom within this book.Never before has a 21st century writer combined so eloquently a vision with a tangible blueprint for the holistic healing of the human body and spirit.” – is a book written by an independent thinker for independent thinkers.Or, chances are, you will certainly be one by the time you have finished reading it.He says he wanted to write a book that aimed to “get away from the sort of self-help mysticism that some success and positive-thinking gurus seem to dwell in, and that I find hard to relate to.” Mc Cabe is especially interested in motivating people who have been trampled down or come from troubled backgrounds and been neglected, abused, made homeless, addicted to substances, or imprisoned.


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  6. As a painfully self-conscious biracial woman, I had struggled to date at an Ivy League school, and studying abroad was as much an escape as it was a necessary academic endeavor for an international relations major.

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