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Like, this is cool I guess, it’s just not really ideal circumstances to enjoy it.

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I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all heard of Brazzers before.

Even if you’ve never been a subscriber yourself, they are one of the biggest names in the industry.

Maybe she could give you a full body massage that really gets your blood flowing.

There’s no need for you guys to keep trying your hardest to get yourself a girlfriend.

What’s a pair of nice big tits if the video quality is so shoddy you can hardly make them out?

That’s like someone telling you that you have a perfectly cooked steak on your plate, it’s just buried under a puddle of ketchup.The clarity is so good that you will not miss a single jiggle or bounce.If you do it’s because your eyes are rolling back from the intense orgasms you’re going to have to these naughty beauties.And we can’t really fault them for that, now can we?If you’re a tits guy or person really, and let’s face it, just about everyone is, then DDF Busty is sure to blow your load.Whoever wrote the storyline for this needs to get a raise.


  1. encouraged to report other members who are abusing the site to our Trust and Safety team, who will take appropriate action, according to our policy, when Terms of Use violations are reported or observed.” Perhaps, but use of the site to find sexual partners (a practice known in some bro-friendly circles as “cooch surfing”) is nonetheless quite routine.

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