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By excluding same-sex couples from civil marriage, the State declares that it is legitimate to differentiate between their commitments and the commitments of heterosexual couples.

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The law made domestic partnerships available to all same-sex couples, as well as to different-sex couples aged 62 and older.

The domestic partnership statute provides "limited healthcare, inheritance, property rights and other rights and obligations" but "[does] not approach the broad array of rights and obligations afforded to married couples." For example, as Lambda Legal states, the law "required health and pension benefits [only] for state employees—it was voluntary for other employers—and did not require family leave to care for an ill partner." The domestic partnership statute remains in place even though New Jersey subsequently enacted a civil union statute.

This action removed the last potential impediment to same-sex marriages in the state.

In 2003, New Jersey implemented a domestic partnerships scheme.

The Windsor decision held that the federal government was required to provide the same benefits to same-sex couples who were married under state law as to other married couples.

Therefore, the state court reasoned in Garden State Equality v.

· CDMX Netherlands: · Netherlands proper New Zealand: · New Zealand proper Norway Portugal South Africa Spain Sweden Taiwan* United Kingdom: · England and Wales · Scotland · AX & DX, AC & TA · BM, AQ, IO, FK · GI, GG, IM, PN United States: · All 50 states · DC, GU, MP, PR, VI · some tribal jurisdictions Uruguay Andorra Australia: · ACT, NSW, QLD, · SA, TAS, VIC Austria Chile Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Ecuador Estonia* Greece Hungary Italy Liechtenstein Mexico: · Tlaxcala Netherlands: · Aruba Slovenia Switzerland Taiwan Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in New Jersey since October 21, 2013, the effective date of a trial court ruling invalidating the state's restriction of marriage to persons of different sexes. Jacobson, Assignment Judge of the Mercer Vicinage of the Superior Court, ruled that as a result of the U. Supreme Court's June 2013 decision in United States v.

Windsor, New Jersey's constitution requires the state to recognize same-sex marriages.

In response, the legislature passed a bill to legalize civil unions on December 21, 2006, which became effective on February 19, 2007.

In 2012, the New Jersey Legislature had passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, but it was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie.

On October 25, 2006, the Supreme Court of New Jersey unanimously ruled in Lewis v.


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