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Tonight I’m speaking on a panel in Ridgewood, NJ, organized by local activist extraordinaire Jeanne Johnson on “Moving Forward Together: Fostering a Pedestrian Friendly Community.” Her initiative is called Walktoberfest.

Getting all of us back outside, walking around our neighborhoods, is good for our bodies, souls, friendships, local businesses and even property values. I grew up in Chicago and now pay a ridiculous amount in property taxes to live in a leafy suburban paradise about 40 miles northwest of the city.

I’ve been working out constantly but it hasn’t been helping yet. No amount of losing weight or exercise is going to get rid of these puppies. I really want to get rid of my breasts but I'm not sure how to without exercising or surgery because 1) I get tired very easily 2) I don't think I'm old enough for surgery December 28, 2016 Jenna It sounds like your gender dysphorea may be caused by low self esteem and body image issues. don't worry about how you feel, it's natural for us to feel unsure or even upset with our looks, and if you feel it is safe to, talk to your parents to about your feelings.

October 06, 2017 Keirari28, I have had a very large chest since I was about 14. I gained then lost about 100 pounds in the last two years, and they have only fluctuated about half a size. I was looking to see if getting testosterone injections for a bit was shrink them permanently without surgery, and just have the excess skin taken off. At 12 years old, you are just barely becoming self aware. sometimes, we can feel uncomfortable with that, though, which is also okay. but at your age it should be simple to make your chest look smaller.

wearing baggy clothes also gives the appearance of a smaller chest.

i hope this helps a little, and i wish you the very best!

love, a fellow trans kid July 04, 2017 Hello You might want to wear a really good sports bra/binder, use tape casually?????

(idk how that works), or maybe even have surgery if it is negatively affecting your life...

I have a smallish (I guess normal) chest so maybe I'm not the best person to take advice from?

I know you can lose weight from sweating- I wonder if we could invent a boob sauna???

Another told me she is a proud “helicopter mom” and does not allow her daughter (my son’s friend in his gifted class) to cross the street, although she had asked to ride her bike to our home to see him.


  1. The goal of this essay then, will be to explore what I see as the textured and ambiguous space between what the show itself implies, and what the slash fan-fiction makes explicit.

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