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The other major concern will be among the government.Appleby's has offices in a number of British overseas territories, and the information could show that business is happening in those places that should have been clamped down on by authorities.Users can go from one conversation to another, seeing other users on their Android terminal.

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That's £97 per person per night, including a substantial breakfast out on the terrace, afternoon tea, and even taxi vouchers to the beaches of the South Shore.

Anything significantly cheaper is likely to be a long way from Hamilton, leaving you less well located for Bermuda's public transport network of buses and ferries.

For the most part, that's probably going to be influential people who could be accused of hypocrisy or outright immorality on the basis of their business dealings.

Anyone caught up in it may well know about it already – The Telegraph reported that a number of wealthy and high-profile people are speaking with lawyers and PR firms, presumably because they've either been contacted by journalists or because they know their information was being held by Appleby.

British Airways has a monopoly on flights from Europe, and the entry level from Gatwick is £646 return.

(Bermuda is, incidentally, an excellent destination on which to spend Avios points collected through the BA loyalty scheme.)Next, accommodation. Reckon on a minimum of £100 per person per night for a double if you are booking independently.

But here's exactly what it means, who will be affected and how. A number of media organisations are gearing up to release information from the cyber attack, though it's not clear what that information will be.

This is the biggest clue to what's about to happen, really.

They suffered what they called a "data security incident", which is presumably a hack of some description.

It happened last year, but the consequences are just becoming clear – Appleby said it has gone public with the event because it was contacted by journalists about its "business and the business conducted by some of our clients", with the resulting story expected to be published soon.

The Bermuda hack – which could be somerthing like a repeat of the Panama Papers – may be about to lead to a major examination of the financial, corporate and tax affairs of the most important people on the planet.

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