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While the church hierarchy has backed the "No" vote, it has already lost much of its sway on moral issues because of the ongoing scandals over child abuse by priests.

For many younger Irish people, a "Yes" vote is also simply way of saying that the days when priests and nuns had a say in nearly aspect of public life are over.

Indeed while the No campaign has been led mainly by the Church and religious groups, the Yes campaign has enjoyed the support of Ireland's entire political class.

"But it does seem that some of the people who were asking for us to respect their civil rights don't want to respect ours." The response to his campaign in Ireland's rural areas, he claimed, had been rather better, with "around 70 per cent of voters" backing the "No" vote in western areas like Tipperary and Tralee.

"It's in the cities where we get people swearing at us - mainly the young - and where it has become very polarised," he said.

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In addition to messaging, Snap Sext also allows you to connect with horny women via live webcam.By a strange quirk of fate, the group's secretary is Rory O'Hanlon, whose actor brother Ardal played the bumbling Father Dougal Mc Guire in the hit Irish TV comedy Father Ted.That one brother should be upholding the Catholic values that another brother is famous for lampooning is proof of just how more diverse Irish society has become in the last 20 years.And in some sections of Irish society these days, that makes them every bit as fair game as homosexuals were in less "enlightened" times."Mostly, it's just verbal abuse, but sometimes it's a little more than that," Mr Mc Kay, 22, told the Daily Telegraph as he and his team handed out leaflets on Dublin's O'Connell Street, the city's main thoroughfare.While he spoke to the Telegraph, one passer-by who came up and asked for a dozen leaflets "to give to my friends" turned out to be a "Yes" supporter who was simply trying to empty them of their stock.


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